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Most women suffer from vaginitis at least once in their lifetime; therefore, it is the most common cause for tens of millions of clinic visits each year.

Unfortunately, 40%- 50% of first clinic visits end with misdiagnosis, followed by wrong treatment, health complications, patient’s continuous suffering, repeated visits and huge redundant expenses.

Driven by the belief that women’s diagnosis should be faster, more accurate, and accessible to all, we developed Gyni  , a platform that redefines the diagnosis of vaginitis.

Following a successful clinical trial we started commercializing Gyni in Europe.


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Nimrod Lev M.Sc

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CEO, Co-founder. Former CEO of SleepUp & Medihale. Former Director of R&D in

Medimop / WEST pharma.
Inventor of more than 40 patents.


Prof. Ahinoam Lev Sagie M.D.

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CMO, Co-founder. A senior OB/GYN. A research fellow in Cornell University. Trained in the USA.

Runs 3 Vulvovaginal clinics in Israel


Meny Lev Sagie B.Sc

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CTO, Co-founder. Former VP Product Development at PeriGen. Managing software development for 20 years.



Prof. Paul Nyirjesy M.D.

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 A leading gynecologist focusing on chronic vulvovaginal diseases.

Co-director of the Jefferson Vulvovaginal Health Center


Eyal Gruss Ph.D

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 A machine learning researcher, consultant and teacher, working mainly in image and language processing. A Talpiyot graduate.

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