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Vaginitis diagnosis at the point-of-care

Gyntools supports the accurate and rapid diagnosis of vaginitis on the first patient visit, streamlining care and improving patient experience.

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An answer at the first patient visit

Gyntools accelerates accurate vaginitis detection with our flagship Gyni™, an automated, accurate point-of-care diagnostic system that detects the seven most common vaginitis-causing conditions within minutes.

Gyni liberates women from the pain, frustration, and potentially devastating side effects of misdiagnosed vaginitis, while saving time for caregivers and reducing costs for payers.

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Current methods are prolonging the pain of vaginitis


Most common reason for GYN visits


Clinic visits per year in US & EU


Misdiagnosis in 1st clinic visit

Misdiagnosed vaginitis causes women undue suffering , wastes clinician time, and drains healthcare resources. Misdiagnosis may lead to more severe health complications, such as pre-term birth and infertility. 

Meet Gyni

Gyni is leading the fight against the most common gynecological complaint reported by patients around the world – vaginitis. Gyni deploys the power of machine learning to accurately determine which of the seven most common causes of vaginitis a patient may be experiencing.

Gyni’s automated system can be operated by a range of staff members, including nurses and support staff, freeing up clinician time for more critical patient care.

With results provided to the web application within five minutes, Gyni enables point of care diagnosis, ending the need for unnecessary follow-up visits and allowing for the immediate start of a treatment plan.

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Detecting the most common causes of vaginitis

Within 5 mins, Gyni is able to determine whether a woman is suffering from:

How it works

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