It's one thing to know that millions of women suffer from vaginitis.

It's another to see it firsthand.

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How it started

Gyntools was founded when Prof. Ahinoam Lev-Sagie decided that finally something must be done to alleviate unnecessary suffering experienced by women with vaginitis. As a senior OB-GYN and renowned expert in vulvovaginal disorders, Prof. Lev-Sagie witnessed thousands of women enduring the consequences of incorrect diagnosis or misdiagnosis of vaginitis. She was frustrated with the diagnostic options available for conditions that were easily treatable once they were properly diagnosed.

Thankfully, Prof. Lev-Sagie is married to Meny, a software engineer and a former healthcare VP, and her brother is Nimrod Lev, a seasoned MedTech entrepreneur and mechanical engineer by profession.

Together, they turned her vision of automated point-of-care vaginitis diagnosis into a reality. Their collaboration and expertise led to the development of an Al-based system that breaks through the barriers to accurate vaginitis diagnosis at the point of care. Their goal was to empower healthcare professionals to provide immediate, accurate diagnoses without requiring extensive training.

Gyntools was founded in 2016, and following a period of extensive data collection and R&D, the Israel Innovation Authority provided an initial seed round of investment in 2019. This gave Gyntools the platform needed to bring Gyni to a fully working product.

GynTools, obtained ISO 13485 certification in 2020 and Gyni acquired a CE mark in 2021. In 2023 Gyni received the Israeli AMAR certification.

GynTools technology is protected with three (3) granted US patents, granted patents in Japan and Israel and pending patents worldwide.

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