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Accelerate diagnosis and reduce costs with Gyni

Gyni removes the subjectivity from vaginitis diagnosis, using the power of AI to accurately determine the 7 most common vaginitis-causing conditions at the point-of-care.

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Limit costs

Gyni ends the need for multiple tests and repeated visits by providing an accurate diagnosis at the point of care. This reduces the cost to payers and patients, while remaining a billable service for clinicians to offer.

Accelerate diagnosis

Gyni deploys the power of machine learning to accurately determine the seven most common causes of vaginitis. With results provided to the web application within five minutes, Gyni enables point-of-care diagnosis and the immediate start of an effective treatment plan.

Reduce physician burden

The Gyni system does not require clinical expertise to operate and only requires a simple vaginal sample that can be collected and/or scanned by nursing staff. This frees physician time for patient consultation.

Inside Gyni

Input patient reported symptoms,

Sample pH levels recorded,

Saline and KOH wet mount automatically prepared,

Microscopy images sent to Gyni cloud for AI processing.
Cutting edge AI model trained on a proprietary data set,

GYNI performs automated microscopy analysis.

The presence or co-existence of health conditions is detected.
Results returned to clinician web application.

Microscopy images provided for clinician review.
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See Gyni in action

Bring expert vaginitis diagnosis to every clinic

Using the power of AI, Gyni brings expert-level vaginitis to every clinic. With a compact desktop system,
Gyni can be deployed at the point-of-care and used by clinical or auxiliary staff to streamline the process.

See how Gyni compares to existing diagnostics:


*All accuracy numbers are approximations.

Gyni gives you:

Expert-level diagnosis without any extra
training for physicians or nursing staff

Results at the point
of care

 Accurate diagnosis for all 7 most
common causes of vaginitis

GYNI Technical Specifications

Scanner size and weight: Weight 6 Kg, Size 30 cm X 32 cm X 15cm. 

Sampler size and weight (inside vacuum forming tray): 40gr ±2, 70 mm X 250 mm

Power supply: 100-240V, 50-60Hz, 0.4-0.8A Scanner package size 400 mm X 210 mm X 400 mm

Sampler 20 pcs. Package size and weight:
260 mm X 74 mm X 384 mm

Connectivity: Maximal distance to Wi-Fi router or extender: 20 feet/ 6 meters

Minimal Upload Data Rate: 1.2Mbps


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